The band has been suspended due to COVID.

We have a joint Band that is run with the Girls' Brigade. The band with members aged 8 year upwards meets on a Tuesday evening from 7pm to 8pm. All band members must be in the BB or GB.

For practices we do not wear uniform and there is no subs. The money to run the band is raised through attending various civic parades and carnivals. We of course wear uniform when on parades.

The instruments in the band are bugles, cymbals, Bell-lyres, side drums and Bass drum. Most members start on a bugle and then progress if they wish to onto another instrument (providing they can carry them.

The first Tuesday of every month we meet is a games evening.

Our main parades in the sessions would be Remembrance, BB Founders Day and Mayors Parades.

It takes a lot of effort to learn an instrument but is all worth it when we are leading a parade.