BB Restart September 2022



We restart on Monday 12th September and we will be back in uniform. Please remember that if you have been promoted to a new section then the times will be different. Juniors start at 6pm and finish at 8pm and the Company Section will also start at 6pm and finish at 8pm.



We have included a uniform order for Boys that have been promoted. If you need new uniform then please ask for a form. Boys are to wear the uniform they currently have until the new uniform arrives.  As a uniformed organisation we require every Boy to wear full uniform on a Monday night. We do understand that there might be an odd night that this is not possible. If you have uniform missing then please see the staff to order. If you are missing badges then please let us know so we can replace (at no cost) and badge arm bands to worn on a Monday.  Can Anchors and Juniors please wear a blue polo shirt under their jumper. It can either be a BB polo-shirt (order from BB) or a plain blue bought from a shop.



The Subs will be £6 per month and paid on the first Monday of each month (This £6 subs also includes the annual insurance fee of £21 which every member must pay to be in the Boys' Brigade so will be spread across the session rather asking for the fee in October). This can be paid via cash or bank transfer.



To be confirmed soon-

  • Anchor Section day out TBC
  • Junior/Company/Senior November Camp

Annual Information Form

Please ensure that the enclosed Annual Information Form is completed and returned. This ensures that we have up to date information on your son and your contact details.

Due to the new Data protection laws in place we need to comply by having the forms returned to us. These must be returned by the end of September.  If this form is not completed and returned then the Boy/s cannot take part in any Boys' Brigade activities until the form is returned.



We look forwards to seeing you back for another packed and exciting session.


Graham Knight

Company Captain