BB Zoom Sessions

Due to not being able to meet with face to face activities we are going to be having Zoom sessions for each of the sections. 

To take part-
All the session will be run through Zoom. To join each session for the zoom invite you need to email : [email protected]
Please put the name of your son on the email for the session/s he would like to take part in. Each session is half and hour but might take more or less time to complete.
Please ensure that one adult is with the BB Boy at all times. There will always be at least two BB staff members on the Zoom sessions.


Monday 22nd February 2021

6pm to 6:30pm


Reckon you know the difference between a lion’s roar and an alligator’s
growl? Take a tour around the animal kingdom, as you listen out for and guess
the noises of a wide range of animals and lets see some strange animals.

Monday 15th March 2021

6pm to 6:30pm


Take a look at some of the jobs people do that help out our communities. Jobs such as health workers, police, shop workers and more. Can you correctly match the objects to each job?

Monday 5th April 2021

6pm to 6:30pm


Create a colourful spinner and watch as you see your design spin faster and faster, until all the colours merge together.




Monday 1st March 2021

6pm to 6:30pm


Music is everywhere. On the radio, in films & TV, we even sing in the shower! Dive into the world of music with a themed session of games, performances and challenges. Activities include Guess the Soundtrack, My Musical Performance, Music Games


Monday 22nd March 2021

6pm to 6:30pm


Explore the 7 continents, where they are in the world and some interesting facts about them and what do you know about them.
There will be national costumes with familiar faces !!
Have you been abroad? Show us your souvenirs.


Monday 12th April 2021

6pm to 6:30pm


Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. Learn the international phonetic alphabet and then use
it in practice as you try to identify the mystery objects.




Monday 8th March 2021

7pm to 7:30pm


It’s not too late to celebrate Shrove Tuesday (16th February) by cooking,
flipping and eating some delicious pancakes.


Monday 29th March 2021

7pm to 7:30pm


Explore the world around you and visit up to 10 different countries - all from
the comfort of your hom the comfort of your home. Can you identify the country from just what you see?


Monday 19th April 2021

7pm to 7:30pm


Can you identify the brand and logos we see on tv and online?
Have a go and see how much advertising you can remember